L. M. Angheluta, A. Moldovan, R. Radvan, The teleoperation of a LIF scanning device, U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series A, 73/4 (2011) 193 -200.


Title: The teleoperation of a LIF scanning device

Abstract: In this paper it is introduced an internet-based teleoperation platform for a laser induced fluorescence device used in the investigation of the painted surfaces of artworks. The hardware of the system consists of a transportable laser scanning device and a personal computer used as server and service control panel. The software employs the client server architecture for device control and feedback data. The user interface is built for the purpose of interaction, using the Lab View web-server technology. The device is operated from any distance, in real time, through a embedded HTML web page.

Key words: teleoperation; laser induced fluorescence; LIF; laser scan; real-time operation

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