S. Stefan, C. Talianu, D. Nicolae, A. Nemuc, Detection of atmospheric boundary layer height from LIDAR measurements, Optoelectron.Adv.Mater. - Rapid Communications, 5/7 (2011) 809-813


Title: Detection of atmospheric boundary layer height from LIDAR measurements

Abstract: The dynamical behavior of the ABL (Atmospheric Boundary Layer) has a direct effect on the depth (or height) of the ABL and its turbulent strength changes significantly during the large-scale dust intrusion. Active remote sensing systems such as LIDARs use aerosols as tracers of the ABL dynamics. In this paper, we use backscatter LIDAR measurements from a scientific research center in Magurele, Bucharest area (44.35 N, 26.03 E) to provide information about the ABL height evolution, correlated to Saharan dust intrusions over Romania and to meteorological conditions. The Richardson number method is also used to estimate the boundary layer height. The results of this work demonstrate the importance of knowledge of LIDAR as tool for atmospheric investigation.

 Key words: ABL, Mixed Layer Depth (MLD), Radio- sounding, LIDAR

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