A. Popescu, D. Savastru, M. Ciobanu, S. Miclos, V. T. Dolghier, Mass-Spectrometric studies of As2S3, J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater. 13/9 (2011) 1193-1198.


Title: Mass-Spectrometric studies of As2S3

Abstract: An analyze of vitreous As(2)S(3) network structure models and photoinduced change of the structure is done in this paper. Is concluded that the interpretations of the results are not equivocal. Application of mass spectrometry, although it is an indirect method, contribute to the identification of main particles created during the evaporation of As(2)S(3) glass in vacuum. As was established, the As(4)S(3), As(4)S(4), As(4)S(5), As(2)S(3), As(2)S(4), As(2)S(5), As(2)S(6) molecular units and the As(3)S(4)(center dot), As(3)S(3)(center dot), As(3)S(2)(center dot), As(3)S(center dot), As(center dot), AsS(2)(center dot), As(2)S(center dot), As(3)S(2)(center dot), As(2)S(2)(center dot), S(2)(center dot), As(center dot), As(2)(center dot), As(3)(center dot) free radicals exist in the gas phase. The clusters like As(10)S(15) can be created during the deposition on the substrate. Clusters are characterized by a different spatial structure with the same ratio of As/S atoms of 2:3. This particularity can explain the deposition of thin As(2)S(3) films with different optical properties.

Key words: Mass spectrometry; Chalcogenide glasses; Glass network

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