A. Popescu, D. Savastru, S. Miclos, V. Braic, M. Popescu, A. Manea, A. Kiss, Properties of rare earth Ga-La-S glasses obtained by RF inductor heating, Dig. J. Nanomater. Bios. 6 (2011) 341-348.


Title: Properties of rare earth Ga-La-S glasses obtained by RF inductor heating

Abstract: A new synthesis method for 70Ga(2)S(3)30La(2)S(3) (GLS) lanthanum based glass, which uses a RF-heating inductor, has been developed. The method gives the possibility to quench the melt without taking the crucible out of the reaction chamber. Glasses with good optical quality were obtained. The samples characterized by X-ray diffraction prove the amorphous state. The re-heating of GaLaS at temperatures of 620 degrees C leads to the appearance of large 30-80 mu m crystals, Ga(3)La(1.66)S(7) structure being the main crystal form. High quality GLS thin films have been obtained by RF sputtering. The calculated refractive index was 2.48 for the thin films obtained by RF sputtering and 2.55 for bulk samples. Two kinds of the Urbach-density of state distribution are distinguished from optical transmission measurements corresponding to activation energies of 0.12 eV and 0.66 eV.

Key words: Chalcogenide glasses; Rare-earth; Refractive index; Optical spectra

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