J. Vasilescu, L. Marmureanu, E. Carstea et al., Oil spills detection from fluorescence lidar measurements, U. P. B. Sci. Bull., Series A, 72/2 (2010) 149-154.


Title: Oil spills detection from fluorescence lidar measurements

Abstract: Fluorescence LIDAR is a useful tool in water pollution monitoring, based on the fluorescence signature of each contaminant. The main goal of this study is to analyze the oil spills detected in late 2007 summer campaign on the Romanian side of Black Sea. Artificial neural network (ANN), linear regression and channels relationship (CRM) methods are evaluated in order to identify the best option for oil spills detection and characterization. It was found that linear regression or channels relationship are suitable to use in order to reveal the distribution of oils on a sea path while ANN is suitable for identifying the type of oils.

Key words: fluorescence Lidar, oil spills, CRM, ANN

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