M. Simileanu, R. Radvan, M. Giurginca, L. Miu, Laser restoration method for parchment artefacts, Opoelectron. Adv. Mater. – Rap. Comm.,3/3 (2009) 282-289


Title: Laser restoration method for parchment artefacts

Abstract: Cleaning procedures applied on organic substrates of artefacts can be challenging due to their high sensitivity to all external factors, their fragile nature demanding a high precision and accurate monitoring of the cleaning process. This paper reports researches about the effect that the laser restoration procedures (laser cleaning, mainly) induce on organic substrates such as leather and parchment This study comprises aspects of the ageing of the materials and also specific issues concerning conservation of their photomechanical properties, correlating information obtained using specific scientific methods of analysis such as colorimetry, optical microscopy, shrinkage temperature of the organic fibres and NIR Spectroscopy.

Key words: Laser cleaning; Parchment; Shrinkage temperature; Induced ageing assessment

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