M. Mihai, D. Turtoi, R. Isopescu, C. Mateescu, I. Chilibon, Calcium carbonate synthesis in ultrasonic field, Revista de Chimie, 60/6 (2009) 626 – 631


Title: Calcium Carbonate Synthesis in Ultrasonic Field

Abstract: Precipitated calcium carbonate as vaterite and small amounts of calcite, with submicron sizes was obtained by a two stages reaction, In the first stage, the limestone was transformed with carbon dioxide in calcium bicarbonate in the absence and the presence of an ultrasonic applied field (35kHz and 0.52 W/cm(2)). The ultrasonic intensity and specific power, the device immersion depth in column suspension and the cavitation was observed to accelerate the dissolving rate of calcium carbonate. In the second stage, the solution of calcium bicarbonate was aerated to obtain calcium carbonate. The experiment was conducted in the absence and the presence of an ultrasonic applied field. The precipitation rate and the calcium carbonate particles size distribution were found to be influenced by the ultrasonic field. The morphology of the crystals formed was unaffected by the ultrasonic field.

Key words: calcium carbonate; ultrasonic field; vaterite; limestone

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