L. Szell, V. Cetean, A. Toth, L. Gagea, C. Roman, M. Roman, A. Gog, Power plants ashes recovery in eco-friendly mortar composition, Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Seria CHEMIA, 1 (2009) 59-68


Title: Power plants ashes recovery in eco-friendly mortar composition

Abstract: The paper treats the possibilities to recover the wastes resulted by coal combustion in power plants. This issue is in the researchers attention because the power plant’s ashes represents the main waste in almost all European countries and the coal combustion will remain the most important source of energy. The greenhouse gas and the ashes have a huge impact on environment and the living species. In the experimental work the properties of five different mortars, realized with different proportion of ash were compared

Keywords: fly ash, concrete, mortar

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