L. Cristescu (Ghervase), G. Pavelescu, E. M. Carstea, D. Savastru, Evaluation of petroleum contaminants in soil by fluorescence spectroscopy, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 8/5 (2009) 1269-1273


Title: Evaluation of petroleum contaminants in soil by fluorescence spectroscopy

Abstract: Preliminary investigation of contaminated soil in the surrounding area of a petroleum tank has been carried out based on fluorescence techniques: excitation emission matrix (EEM) and synchronous fluorescence scan (SFS). A fluorescence fingerprints library containing several EEM and SFS maps for various dilutions of Romanian crude oil in methanol, was used to confirm the identity of the soil contaminant. A calibration curve was created to estimate the contamination level of soil samples. High polyaromatic hydrocarbon concentration in the range of 23 %, v/v was obtained nearby the petroleum tank and a lower one in the range of 0.55 %, v/v at surrounding area.

Key words:contaminated soils, crude oil, fluorescence spectroscopy

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