Doina Nicolae,Constantin Cristescu, Laser remote sensing of tropospheric aerosol, J.Optoelectron.Adv.Mater., 8/5 (2006) 1781-1795


Title: Laser remote sensing of tropospheric aerosol

Abstract: Aerosols are one of the greatest sources of uncertainty in climate modeling, by having impact on heat balance of the earth and on clouds properties. The spatial and temporal evolution of the atmospheric aerosol load can be measured effectively by laser remote sensing techniques and in certain conditions their optical and microphysical parameters can be derived. This paper represents an overview of the latest approaches in laser remote sensing, emphasizing on the data processing algorithms and the use of complementary data to overcome non-determination in elastic backscatter Lidar inversion. Original results are also presented.

Key words: Elastic backscatter Lidar, Aerosol optical parameters, Lidar ratio, Inverse problem


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