C. Talianu, D. Nicolae, J. Ciuciu, M. Ciobanu, V. Babin, Planetary boundary layer height detection from lidar measurements, J.Optoelectron. Adv. Mater., 8/1 (2006) 243-246


Title: Planetary boundary layer height detection from lidar measurements

Abstract: Lidar systems are powerful laser equipments which are able to estimate the Planetary Boundary Layer parameters from remote sensing measurements. Using lidar technique, the interface between PBL and free troposphere can be evidenced by the change in backscattered radiation level between the two layers. New scientific approach for the automatic detection of targets of this type from lidar signals uses wavelet covariant transform based on various functions. There are presented the results obtained in Romania by direct LIDAR measurements in the area of Bucharest and the original software developed by the Environmental group in INOE for lidar data processing and PBL height identification.

Key words: Planetary Boundary Layer, LIDAR, Wavelet covariant transform

Author: Camelia Talianu

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