C. E. A Grigorescu, S. Gardelis, J. Giapintzakis, W. Van Roy, Comparison of free surface polarization of NiMnSb and Co2MnSi, Applied Physics Letters 88/14 (2006) 142512/1-142512/3


Title: Comparison of free surface polarization of NiMnSb and Co2MnSi

Abstract: We present a systematic study of the polarization of the transport current from a variety of NiMnSb and Co2MnSi thin films and bulk material using point contact Andreev reflection spectroscopy. The simple analysis suggests that the free surface polarization of NiMnSb is within error 10% lower than that of Co2MnSi. In either material the measured polarization is rather insensitive to key physical and material properties. We use a two channel model to rule out the influence that stray magnetic field from the ferromagnet might have on the measurements presented. (c) 2006 American Institute of Physics.

Key words: Heusler Alloy Co2mnsi; Thin-Films; Spin Polarization; Spintronics; Transport; Gaas(001); Injection; Growth

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