M.Popescu, F.l .Sava, A.Lorinczi, R.Radvan, R.Savastru D.Savastru, I.N.Mihailescu, Optical recording in sulfur-selenium layers, J.Optoelectronics Adv. Mater, 6/3 (2004) 883-886

Abstract: Selenium-sulphur layers prepared by warm pressing or deposited by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on silicon wafers were subjected to laser pulses in order to test the possibility of recording the optical information in these glassy materials. There was demonstrated that the contrast of reflectivity between the irradiated places and the amorphous matrix could be used for storage of information at a reasonable density.

Key words: selenium-sulphur; glassy layers; optical memory; pulsed laser recording

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