D. Savastru, S.Miclos, C. Cotirlan, E. Ristici, M. Mustata, V. Mogildea, M.Mogildea, T. Dragu, R. Morarescu, Nd : YAG laser system for ophtalmology: Biolaser-1, J.Optoelectronics Adv. Mater, 6/2 (2004) 497-502

Abstract:A specific ophthalmic system, Biolaser-1, containing a Q-switch Nd:YAG laser, an optical stereomicroscope and two red output laser diodes is presented. As Q-switch, a Cr4+:YAG crystal is used. It works in monopulse or double pulse regime. The laser beam is focused at 150 micrometers behind the optical plane to reduce the risk of pitting the lens when performing posterior capsulotomies. In order to obtain eleven different energy levels in the domain (0.8divided by9) mJ domain, eleven attenuators are used. The laser ophthalmic system must fulfill many conditions. The energy level, the pulse length and the used attenuators must have such values to eliminate every undesired effect in the medical applications. This instrument has an important application in posterior capsulotomies and pupilar membranectomies.


Key words: Nd : YAG laser; solid state laser; medical solid state laser; ophthalmic laser system



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