M. Straticiuc, I. Pana, I. Burducea, V. Braic, P. M. Racolta, Al. Jipa, 2012. Electron beam tests for a slow positron spectrometer. Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications, 9-10(6), pp. 836-839, ISSN 1842-6573.

 Title: Electron beam tests for a slow positron spectrometer


Preliminary tests for a future slow positron accelerator have been performed in order to find out the best setup for the electromagnetic and geometrical parameters used to confine, transport and accelerate the positron beam. This study combines the development of beam transport simulation models by IES LORENTZ EM software with beam line experiments, in order to improve the understanding of the properties of the extracted particles. The simulation of the beam extraction from an electron source is particularly challenging and interesting, as the initial density distribution at extraction is unknown. By combining magnetic field tracking, experimental measurements and beam diagnostics, we were able to predict beam patterns. Simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental observations. This powerful and sensitive spectrometer offers the possibility for the characterization of advanced materials, by putting in evidence open volumes, nanovoids or point defects concentration and type.

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