L. Osterloh, C. Böckmann, D. Nicolae, A. Nemuc,  Regularized inversion of microphysical atmospheric particle parameters: Theory and application, J COMPUT PHYS, vol. 237, pp. 79-94, 10.1016/j.jcp.2012.11.040, 2013

 Title: Regularized inversion of microphysical atmospheric particle parameters: Theory and application



Retrieving the distribution of aerosols in the atmosphere via remote sensing techniques is a highly complex task that requires dealing with a wide range of different problems stemming both from Physics and Mathematics. We focus on retrieving this distribution from multi-wavelength lidar data for aerosol ensembles consisting of spherical particles via an iterative regularization technique. The optical efficiencies for spherical scatterers are examined to account for the behavior of the underlying integral equation. The ill-posedness of the problem and the conditioning of the discretized problem are analyzed. Some critical points in the model, like the assumed wavelength-independence of the refractive index and the fixed grid of investigated refractive indices, are studied with regard to their expected impact on the regularized solution. A new Monte-Carlo type method is proposed for retrieval of the refractive index. To validate the results, the developed algorithm is applied to two measurement cases of burning biomass gained from multi-wavelength Raman lidar. 

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