L. Marmureanu, L. Deaconu, J. Vasilescu, N. Ajtai, C. Talianu,  Combined optoelectronic methods used in the monitoring of SO2 emissions and imissions, ENVIRON ENG MANAG J, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 277-282, ISSN 1582-9596, 2013

 Title: Combined optoelectronic methods used in the monitoring of SO2 emissions and imissions


This study focuses on the local scale behavior of SO2 emissions resulting from lignite-combustion thermal power plants. The investigations aimed at monitoring the SO2 emissions and imissions over a two week period in September 2010. One of the largest power plants from Eastern Europe was chosen for monitoring using different optoelectronic techniques. Rovinari power plant (44 degrees 54' 45"N - 23 degrees 09'44"E) is one of the largest electricity suppliers of Romania, having 4 groups of 330 MW each, with a total installed capacity of 1420 MW and is located in the Rovinari-Motru coal mining area This power plant along with similar facilities located in south-west of Romania is responsible for local and regional pollution problems concerning acid rain, formation of fine particulate matter, smog etc. Emissions from the stacks of Rovinari power plant were monitored with a UV camera that uses the strong absorption of SO2 molecules between 280-320 nm. Images with UV camera were collected from distances ranging between 1 and 2 km. Immisions measurements were made simultaneously with a HORIBA SO2 analyzer for continuous monitoring of atmospheric SO2 imissions using UV fluorescence method. Within the two weeks of measurements the SO2 immisions hourly limit of 350 mu g/m(3) was exceeded two times, the highest measured concentration of 590 mu g/m(3) occurring during stable meteorological conditions (very low wind speeds) inhibiting dispersion and favoring the accumulation of SO2 on a local scale. At the stacks, SO2 concentrations were constantly over 1000 ppm*m during the analyzed days.

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