S. Stefan, C. Radu, L. Belegante,  Analysis of air quality in two sites with different local conditions, ENVIRON ENG MANAG J, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 371-379, ISSN 1582-9596, 2013

 Title: Analysis of air quality in two sites with different local conditions


"The aim of this paper is to analyze how local and atmospheric conditions influence pollutants’ distribution. Two different sites in Romania were chosen for measurement campaigns: Surlari (44° 34', 26° 19') located into a forest and near a lake, and a suburban 

area, Magurele (44° 21', 26° 2'), where the anthropogenic activities dominate. The same equipments for measurements of surface ozone, CO, NO2, NO and PM10 were used at the two sites. The measurements were performed in the summer of 2012, for 14 days. The intercomparison between the data sets of the pollutant’s concentrations has shown large differences for the two sites, especially in the case of surface ozone. The local conditions have an influence on air quality mostly due to natural sources of  ozone and nitrogen oxides. The proximity of the lake and forest influence the surface ozone concentration at Surlari, while traffic and human activities influence SO2 concentrations, at Magurele. The maximum mass concentration values are similar at the two stations, but dispersion of values is larger at Magurele. During the campaigns period, the concentration values of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter were within the optimal range, according to national air quality reglementations. 

Link: http://www.actris.net/Portals/97/Publications/publications%20extranet/Stefan%202013.pdf

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