D. Nicolae, J. Vasilescu, E.Carstea, K. Stebel, F. Prata, Romanian Atmospheric research 3D Observatory: Synergy of instruments, Romanian Reports in Physics 62/4 (2010) 838-853.


Title: Romanian Atmospheric research 3D Observatory: Synergy of instruments

Abstract: Air quality, ozone depletion, and climate change are the most important global issues facing society. RADO – Romanian Atmospheric research 3D Observatory is a new, state-of-the-art infrastructure dedicated to research of processes and compounds in the atmosphere. The novelty of this Observatory is the synergetic use of optoelectronic instruments for the survey of the atmosphere from ground-level to the stratosphere. RADO is based on 3D network instrumentation both for gases and aerosols monitoring in order to assess the important volume processes. This paper presents the architecture of the Romanian Atmospheric Observatory and correlation of modelling and experimental data collected at the 5 lidar-based stations in Romania.

Key words: remote sensing, greenhouse gases, aerosols, lidar, observatory

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