M. Simileanu, R. Radvan, N. Puscas, Underwater LIBS investigations setup for metals’ identification, U. P. B. Sci. Bull. , Series A, 72/4 (2010) 209-216.


Title: Underwater LIBS investigations setup for metals’ identification

Abstract: LIBS is a promising analytical technique that can be used to detect the chemical composition of variousmaterials. In this paper we have focused on preliminary investigations made on metal samples in underwater conditions in order to investigate archaeological objects without pulling them out of their microclimate. The investigations were made on copper samples (in air and in water environments) and they envisage also a study case in a broche from a private collection. The results obtained were more than satisfactory and the experimental air LIBS setup was adjusted for specific underwater in-situ investigations.

Key words: LIBS; underwater; metal

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