L. Marmureanu, C. Talianu, R. Radulescu, J. Vasilescu, Cloud height comparison from seviri and lidar, Optoelectron. Adv. Mater. – Rapid Comm., 4/12 (2010) 1952 – 1955.


Title: Cloud height comparison from seviri and lidar

Abstract: Depending on their characteristics and height in the atmosphere, clouds can influence the Earth energy balance and also have an important role in climate and climate change. This paper presents a preliminary study on cloud top height (CTH) estimation using passive and active techniques. Cloud top height estimation using active techniques is based on a cloud top height detection algorithm that uses the gradient method. Data from SEVIRI, satellite imagery based on infrared reflectance at 10.8 µm was used as a passive remote sensing tool. As active remote sensing instruments, two Lidar (LIght Detection and Ranging) systems, ground based has been used. They sound the atmosphere up to high altitudes due to their high sensitivity and long range detection. Depicted CTHs from measurements performed in Măgurele (located near Bucharest at 44.35 latitude N and 26.03 longitude E), using the LIDAR systems and satellite imagery have shown a good agreement. Differences of less than 500 meters are seen between these two techniques.

Key words: Cloud height top, Satellite, Lidar

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