I. Ionel, G. Apostol, F. Popescu, C. Talianu, M. Apascaritei, Air quality monitoring in an international Romanian airport, Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, 11/3  (2010) 815-821.


Title: Air quality monitoring in an international Romanian airport

Abstract: The general purpose of the study is to evaluate the potential air quality and health risks associated with operations of an international airport, located in the west side of Romania. Two monitoring stations were established near apron and equipment was set up to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fine particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitric oxides NO, NO2 and NOx, carbon monoxide CO, ozone O3, sulphur dioxide SO2, and other gaseous compounds (continuously measured by open path monitors), as well as wind speed and direction, traffic and aircraft activity. The paper presents the results obtained during the three-day continuous measurements and the correlation between air quality and the airport traffic.

Key words: air quality monitoring, airport air quality management, pollution.

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