C. Radu, L. Belegante, C. Talianu et al.,  Optimization of the multiwavelength Raman lidar during EARLI09 campaign, J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater., 12/1 (2010) 165-168.


Title: Optimization of the multiwavelength Raman lidar during EARLI09 campaign

Abstract: Both air quality and climate studies require information about the vertical distribution of aerosols, as well as about their interactions with other atmospheric components (gaseous precursors, water vapor, ozone). Lidars are laser-based instrument which uses the induced backscatter signal to retrieve optical characteristics of the atmosphere. Quantitative data requires optimized instruments and algorithms. During EARLI09 (EArlinet Reference Lidar Intercomparison campaign 2009), the multiwavelength Raman lidar of INOE was upgraded and tested against other 15 instruments. This paper presents early results of this campaign.

Key words: Lidar system, Atmospheric compounds, Optimization

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