M. Simileanu, J. Striber, R. Radvan, Aspects concerning laser conservation of organic artworks, Romanian Reports in Physics, 60/1 (2008) 105-110


Title: Aspects concerning laser conservation of organic artworks

Abstract: In this work we present successful laser cleaning strategies concerning organic materials such as: paper, textile and parchment. Tests have been carried out using the fundamental (1064 nm), second harmonic (532 nm) and third harmonic (355 nm) from a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser; the laser cleaning process was real time monitored by microscopic and thermographic techniques in order to assure a safe removal of the adherent deposits. Also, one of the main advantages that laser cleaning brings into the restoration/conservation domain, namely selectiveness, was characterized. The irradiated probes have been investigated with an optical microscope, in order to determine any deterioration that may have occurred to the paper substrates, as well as the efficiency of laser cleaning.

Key words: laser cleaning, organic substrates, selectivity

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