A. Vladescu, A. Kiss, M. Braic, C. M. Cotrut, P. Drob, M. Balaceanu, C. Vasilescu, V. Braic, Vacuum arc deposition of nanostructured multilayer coatings for biomedical applications, J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 8 (2008) 733–738


Title: Vacuum arc deposition of nanostructured multilayer coatings for biomedical applications

Abstract: In recent years, the smart materials have attracted much attention due to their unusual properties such as shape memory effect and pseudoelasticity, being widely used for biomedical implants. These materials contain certain amounts of nickel, titanium and others which are not adequate for surgical implants and prosthesis. In the work reported here, two types of nonostructured multilayer coatings (TiN/ZrN, ZrN/Zr) used to prevent the ions release from shape memory alloys were investigated. For comparison, the TiN and ZrN monolayers were also examined. The films were deposited onto nickel-titanium based alloy (Ti-Ni-Nb) and Ni substrates by vacuum arc deposition technique under various deposition conditions. The concentrations of dissolved ions in Ringer solution for uncoated and coated Ni samples were determined to examine the benefic barrier effect of these coatings for ions release from shape memory alloys. In order to have a more complete characterization of the investigated coatings, other properties such as elemental and phase composition, morphology, texture, microhardness, and adhesion were studied. For all coatings, the concentrations of dissolved ions were lower that those measured in the case of the uncoated specimens. The nanostructured multilayer films exhibited the best mechanical and anticorrosive properties.

Key words: nanostructures; multilayer coatings; shape memory; biomaterials; vacuum arc deposition

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