A. Ciobanu, V.  Babin, D.N.  Nicolae, C.  Talianu, C. Morosanu,  Numerical simulations of the backscattering from a crystalline lattice, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 5/3 (2003) 657-660


Title: Numerical simulations of the backscattering from a crystalline lattice 

Abstract:    The backscattering of 100, 300, and 500 eV Ar atoms from the {100} and {110} planes of a Al crystalline target is investigated with a computer code based on the Molecular Dynamics(MD) method. The interactions between particles are described by a screened Coulomb type potential. The angular (both azimuthal and radial) distribution of the backscattered particles together with the distribution of the energy and of the energy loss of scattered particles are calculated using the Lindhard-Scharff parameterization. The azimuthal distribution shows high peaks for 300 and 500 eV incident energies and a cvasi-continuum for 100 eV incident energy in the case of {100} plane, and a single peak for the {110} plane. The radial. distribution of backscattered particles evidences the symmetry properties of the crystal. The relative energy loss decrease when increasing incident energy, and is compatible with the backscattered energy distribution. The results do not agree with the Binary Collision Approximation(BCA).

Key words: Molecular Dynamics; inelastic energy loss; numerical simulation 

Author: V. Babin

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