V. Babin, M. Ciobanu, C. Talianu, DN. Nicolae, Statistical model for lidar signal validation, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials,  4/4 (2002) 901-910 

 Title: Statistical model for lidar signal validation

Abstract: In this paper we build a statistical model for the LIDAR signal validation (estimation, selection, statistical validation of the Mie backscattered optical field from pollutants at medium and long range distances). The LIDAR backscattered optical signal is realized via the operative characteristic. Defining Q(0) as the false alarm probability and Q(d) the detection probability, the operative characteristic is a curve in the plane defined by the indecision zone of the LIDAR signal validation. The aim of this paper is to propose some optimization methods of the operative characteristic associated with the LIDAR signal validation.

Keywords: LIDAR signal validation; Mie backscattered optical field; pollutants

Author: V. Babin

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