I. Chilibon, Ultrasonic piezoceramic probe for medical applications, New Aspects of High Technology in Medicine, 1 (2000) 371-375


Title: Ultrasonic piezoceramic probe for medical applications

Abstract: This paper presents some aspects concerning the design and achievement of an ultrasonic piezoceramic probe for medical therapy applications. The piezoceramic material utilized for the transducer is type PZT, realized in the laboratory. The ultrasonic vibrations made by the piezoceramic transducer propagate into biologic tissue, which structure vibrates at certain acoustic intensity and work frequency between 800 kHz to 1 MHz. The measurements of the main parameters and characteristics were made with HP 4194 Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer, Hewlett Packard, USA.

Keywords: piezoceramic, medical applications

Author: I. Chilibon

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