The main objective of the Action was to increase the knowledge of linear and nonlinear ptical interactions, including quantum optical features associated with photonic crystals and to develop and implement measurement techniques for the experimental evaluation of their potential applications in different areas. The Action studied and developed 2D and 3D-Photonic Crystals, taking into account different methods of production (self-assembling, templating, nanoprinting all dielectric and metallo-dielectric Photonic Crystals), materials and their characterisation. Also study and design of active and linear structures for light handling and detection was performed. The Action investigated the nonlinear optical interactions in 2D and 3D photonic crystals and studied the pulse propagation in photonic crystal fibers, taking into account cubic nonlinear effects and spatio-temporal effects. The study of quantum aspects of propagation and interaction of fields in Photonic Crystals related to the generation of nonclassical light states and sources.

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