S. Bârsan

Analysis of the present reporting mode of the performances in the innovation and technology transfer fields and elaboration of methodologies and instruments for improving the reporting systems and procedures


2011 - 2013

A. Stoica

Complex investigation equipment of road profiles and pavement layers quality control


2011 - 2013

B. Abraham

Research on clinoptilolite concentration of volcanic tuff


2011 - 2012

S. Costiug

Autoadaptive hot air sterilyzer - ESAC-a


2010 - 2012

A. Ghita

Chemical hood family with gas filter monitoring


2010 - 2012

P. Drumea

The range of machines and equipment for profiles processing by plastic deformation in low and medium capacity productive units


2010 - 2012

C. Roman

Improving the administrative capacity of INCDO-INOE 2000, ICIA Subsidiary, for accessing European funds – CAFÉ


2010 - 2011


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