N. Puscas, S. Dontu, D. Dinu, Modelling of output statistics of Er3+: Ti:LliNbO3 waveguide amplifiers, Romanian Reports in Physics, 62/3 (2010) 506-518.


Title: Modelling of output statistics of Er3+: Ti:LliNbO3 waveguide amplifiers

Abstract: In this paper we present a theoretical analysis of some statistical parameters which characterize the Er(3+)-doped Ti:LiNbO(3) single and M-mode straight and curved waveguides. In the derivation and the evaluation of the spectral optical quality factor, the power spectral density, the Fano factor, the statistical fluctuation and the spontaneous emission factor we used the small gain approximation and the photon statistics master equation of the linear amplifier (considering that the photon number distribution is determined by the normalized mode intensity profiles which are not uniform in the transversal section of the waveguide), transposed to the case of straight and curved amplifiers. The simulations show the evolution of the above mentioned parameters under various pump regimes and waveguide lengths. The obtained results can be used for the design of directional couplers, symmetrical and asymmetrical Mach-Zehnder interferometers and other complex rare earth doped integrated circuits.