L. Ghervase, E. M. Carstea, D. Savastru, G. Pavelescu, Fluorescence evaluation of drinking water organic contamination, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 9/11 (2010)  897-901.


Title: Fluorescence evaluation of anthropogenic influence on rivers crossing Sofia

Abstract: Fluorescence spectroscopy was used to evaluate the anthropogenic influence on rivers crossing Sofia. Specific fluorescence fingerprints for different sampling locations on Dragalevska, Perlovska and Vladaiska rivers were compared. The increase in pollution downstream due to the continuous contribution of surface runoff and the presence of protein-like fluorescence peak coming from old surface runoff waters were shown. The fluorescence and biological indices were used to evaluate the relative fraction of microbial and humic substances in each river. Fluorescence recordings have proved that the major source of dissolved organic matter in the investigated rivers is allochtonous, specifically due to the release of old urban runoff.

Key words: fluorescence spectroscopy, surface runoff, anthropogenic influence, urban river