I. Lancranjan, D. Savastru, S. Miclos, Numerical simulation of a DFB-fiber laser sensor,                     J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater., 12/8 (2010) 1636 – 1645.


Title: Numerical simulation of a DFB-fiber laser sensor

Abstract: This paper is the first part of a series pointing to numerical simulation of various aspects of distributed feedback fiber laser sensors and their applications. The developed numerical analysis has the scope of a better understanding of DFB-FL itself and of its interaction with environment in order to be operated as a sensor. The aeronautical applications of DFL-FL sensors constitute the main field of numerical simulations and analysis field.

Key words: DFB-FL; DBR-FL; Numerical simulation; Laser sensor; Aeronautical application; COMSOL