I. Chilibon, Piezoceramics under electron irradiation, U. P. B. Sci. Bull. - A,  72/2 (2010) 185-196 


Title: Piezoceramics under electron irradiation

Abstract: Paper presents aspects concerning the behaviour of PZT piezoceramics at low power electron irradiation. The PZT samples were irradiated into a linear accelerator of electrons with different election doses, namely: 10 kGy; 15 kGy; 20 kGy; 25 kGy. These ceramics change slightly their pellet-winces after low power electron irradiation, but at 25kGy the piezoelectric charge and voltage constants increase more. However, PZT partial decomposition could occur at high power electron irradiation doses and consequently the loosing coefficients enhance. As remark, the experimental irradiated PZT samples present piezoelectric and dielectric properties with small variations, and the coupling coefficients decrease even at small irradiation doses (below 25 kGy). The obtained results could be an excellent starting point in designing superior ceramic materials with improved parameters, suitable for various piezoelectric transducers applications.

Key words: piezoceramic; PZT; electron irradiation; electron accelerator