E. Carstea, L. Belegante, R. Radulescu, C. M. Radu, Volcanic ash monitoring over Bucharest area using a multiwavelenght Raman lidar, Optoelectron. Adv. Mater. – Rapid Comm., 4/12 (2010) 2162-2166.


Title: Volcanic ash monitoring over Bucharest area using a multiwavelength Raman lidar

Abstract: This paper reports the results obtained during a monitoring campaign, performed over Bucharest area in order to detect the volcanic ash, released by the volcano eruption in Iceland. The lidar images showed that two volcanic ash layers entered Romania within the first eruption event. Slight traces were seen at 5 Km and another layer between 1 and 3 Km altitudes. The second episode was produced by a change in air masses trajectories and layers of ash were identified by lidar at 4 and 6 Km. Deposition processes significantly increased the ground level concentration and changed the size distribution of the particles.

Key words: Model, Volcanic ash, Lidar